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A Love Letter To Stroud

August 30, 2014


Its Labor Day Weekend 2014 which marks the end of the season for Route 66 and also this year marks the Rock Cafe’s 75th Year and my 21st and we are proud to announce the Rock Cafe is no longer FOR SALE. 



The reason for the change of heart has been a long almost 2 year journey. The most important reason is people and their experience and advice during my travels. 


When these Veteran bikers saw us struggling to heave the sign from the ground …. they screamed “about time to get that damn sign out of here” and proceeded to remove the sign. Our customers have been very committed. 



In my 21 years, I’ve reached a several phases of burn out from sheer exhaustion and frustration that would perpetuate extreme decisions to contemplate leaving a successful career for the hope of something new. During my tenure at the Cafe, I was also Assistant Manager of Tanger Outlet Mall, a licensed Oklahoma private investigator & security guard, an American Airlines Flight Attendant, studio manager in Los Angeles, and mentor for new business women in far away lands. 




(I’ll bet many of you are surprised about this one)

I’ve been able have great side careers because of people and building relationships. 

During my absence from Stroud and the Route 66, there was always much speculation and gossip but these careers and the people attached to them always provided tremendous growth and change.  Running a small business in a small town can be many things from rewarding to suffocating and trusting another to operate it in your leave can be vulnerable and detrimental. I’ve been blessed to have Beverly, who most wanted that damn sign down. She allows me to wander aimlessly because she knows upon return comes the tide of change. Change is something she is most afraid of but also trusts my instincts. 


(Yes this is her look at me most of the time)

The tide of change has once again arrived and it’s time to remove the sign. Its also the beginning of transformation and growth that Stroud can hang its hat on and tout that we believe in our city and its people. We are committed and stronger then ever. 

I’ll be around…. seemingly aimlessly. 


Could this be the future ??? We hope so. 



Thank you Stroud for your support and trust. 








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  1. Way to go Legs! Manifest the new!!! (and pancakes and furry bear heads and miles and miles of single track with ocean views…….)

  2. Susan Yates permalink

    Hooray!! That For Sale sign will no longer be a damper on the joy of Route 66 jaunts and visits to Rock Cafe. More importantly, its disappearance means Rock Cafe is still in the loving, talented hands that have protected it for the past two decades. Best luck.

  3. RON JONES--Route 66 Tattoo Man--- permalink

    I was wandering how long it would take 4 U 2 come to your senses. I am pleased that you have decided to keep the ROCK instead of letting it go to who knows who. You will always have my support.
    Take care my friend and always remember–No matter where you go–There you are.
    ————————-Route 66 Tattoo Man——————-

  4. william permalink

    I know I will never make it there but I know it is in good hands. I could allways put in the triple d episode

  5. Marilyn wheeler permalink

    Great news

  6. brian & gail mckenzie chandler, oklahoma permalink

    We support you and come to eat the best, often. So often that the wonderful waitress’ know our preferences. Thank you and all the sacrifice(s) also to your family in sharing you with us, the friends that were once common customers.

  7. Happy news! That drawing is intriguing. It brings to mind the ice houses and beer gardens of the Texas Hill Country, where you can enjoy a cold beer under a shady tree in a family atmosphere.

  8. Thanks for the repost.

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