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For Sale ~ Rock Cafe

November 12, 2012

Vernon Hatley Photography

Fears are knocking at every turn throughout a lifetime.

They sneak in at every stage of  life and are easily sold to the soul.

Peace within ourselves so hard to find


The search for an enriched life may seem like a lost hope.  Many times I’ve been interviewed about what makes the Rock Cafe special. The Rock Cafe is a place connected to a vein of these truths: encompassing fear and hope for the future of America along Route 66.

This is what makes innumerable courageous souls take this peregrination.

 These truths forever chronicled by some of Americas most influential storytellers; Steinbeck, Kerouac, Troup and countless others. The Rock is not only forever entwined to America’s biggest fears and hopes it continues to help the hearts of individuals find hope for the future while helping to shed the fear.

Which brings me to mine. After two decades of illustrious ups and downs, on the Mother Road.

The tinge of new horizons on the “Dream Big” side of my psyche and the apprehensive “Frozen State of Being” psyche battle for power. Global is my nature and with my children starting their own travels, its time to hit the road.

The Rock and the Mother Road have given me many lessons and gifts throughout my tenure. In the coming days, I’ll share these stories in this blog and lend an inside look to the numerous interests for life after the Rock Cafe.

The above link is a video about life on this road and my two biggest inspirations.


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  1. Geoff & Debbie Goodway permalink

    I stopped by a few weeks ago. It was the first time I had been to the cafe when you were there, your smiling face brightend my day. You will be missed. Hope to see you again along lifes many journeys.

  2. william forbis permalink

    Dawn, I hope the next stage of your life is all you want it to be. and you still are a babe.

  3. Dean Kennedy permalink

    Say it ain’t so! You will certainly be missed but best of luck in your future endeavors.I trust that you will keep in touch with us all.

  4. Gail Bullard permalink

    I received this link from a friend… So am I to understand you are in fact selling this cafe? If so what is your asking price and what are your terms?

    • Yes Gail.

      I am selling the cafe. You can recieve the information from Herndon & Kelly at 405 848 8099. I have chosen to let them deal with the actual the sale. Although, I will be happy to let you come experience the cafe if you are in fact interested. I’m glad you contacted me. Let me know if you need further information. My email is

  5. Great info and well written. Keep up the wonderful stuff!

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